Thursday, October 22, 2009


I was glad to see that the hotel had a trapeze! I wanted to try that for a few years, but I never had a chance. First day there, I showed up valiantly to check the place...32 feet high the platform!!! Hmmm this certainly sounds exciting, but maybe tomorrow,I am still jetlagged (that is a lie btw there is no time difference between Canada and DR). The next day it was just a tad too humid and I was lighheaded. The day after I had a mild case of Montezuma revenge, so hanging upside down was out of question. "La bomba" fixed my stomach, but by now it was the end of the first week and I was just plain lazy.

However, I tauted to whoever cared to listen (or not...) that I will be the next Cirque du Soleil star in DR and I needed proof. One day, I sheepishly approached the trapeze hut and got fitted with the security belt, all the while thinking that I must have lost my mind. I have seen others trying the trapeze all right, but most of them were 10 years old! And of course, once on the platform I did not want to let go. What if the guy cannot hold me? What if ....but I did not hace a choice if I wanted to come down from there.

It was fun and safe. Nothing to be afraid of, as it turned out. I thought about going back, but I did not. After all I have tried it and that was what mattered.