Monday, January 24, 2011

Crusade nr. 47 - Evidence

When I read the topic of this month's crusade I almost cried. Seriously! I had no evidence of Christmas past. I made my own wrapping paper from newspaper pages, paint and stamps. Made my own gift tags too. But take pictures? Nope...that I did not.

I made all my tree decoration though. You can see them here. Hope that counts ...

But then I thought ...must do something. So I took some candy wrappers left over from the chocolate spree and sewn them to a piece of cardboard. This in no way indicates that this is the only chocolate I had! I then applied two coats of absorbent ground. I never used it before and I wanted to test different mediums to see what happens. This is the end result - evidence of my Christmas chocolate over indulgence. The creature is based on one of the exercises in Carla Sonheim's book.
 I used charcoal, pen, watercolors, pan pastels (I cannot figure how to use those properly no matter what) and watercolor ink.