Monday, April 7, 2014


I've been wanting to buy some flowers to draw for quite a while. Few days ago, the grocery store had a special on tulips (sounds funny, I know). I decided that was it and I bought them.

I tried different papers and media and here are the results.

I drew too small - again! I don't know what's the deal now that I make everything too small. I did not add detail to the main bunch because everything was too cramped.

 Straight to watercolors - the result reminds me of something Marc said in the watercolor class - that the resulting painting is only as good as the base drawing. Agreed. There is definitely great appeal to doing things directly in watercolor, but that requires a much better drawing technique than what I have at the moment. I'd like to retry though and mix a diiffernt kind of greens and purples. The greens came out too yellow and the purples are dull.
 Here, I tried the new rogue journal that has handmade paper. Great paper, but it does not take media very well. No wet media, ink smears, some pens work ok. Pencil cannot be erased. Here I tried colored pencils, but the colors are way too pale.