Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sketchbook project - part 4

The watercolor on the right page is an older "found" character; on the left, I wanted some color. I stamped with a cork and I got those head-shaped circles with eyes and mouth. I could not help it ... And the native figure with glasses at the bottom?! too funny.

For the background, I used wax resist. It was very hard to remove the wax because the paper is so thin.

The elephant faced with a real-life question ...

Pan pastel portrait. I gessoed the pages first, but even like that it was hard to "convince" the pastel to
stick to the paper. Lots of "arm bending" needed...

Saving face - first I thought about drawing a face with a mask and then without mask. One of those venetian carnival masks. I could not find one to collage, so I settled for another interpretation of the idea.

Silence - and as I was working the background, I noticed the elephant head right there. It was not planned, it just happened.

Photocopy of a face I painted a while back.

Another photocopy.

Funny ... the original image was an edvertisement for milk.

Elephant invasion - at night, the whole family getting closer to the village. Father says "Come on, kids! Now they cannot ignore us anymore!"

These were the pages I liked most. I enjoyed the process; now I have to remember to sign up for the fiction project and start working on self portraits. I already have a list with a few things to try. Maybe Santa will bring me more time this year?! Wouldn't that be nice....yummm