Saturday, February 6, 2010

Pencil drawings

After long hesitations, I signed up for a portrait class with Misty. Thas was way back in...January! I decided to be more careful with my money so that I can pay off the mortgage faster and eventually be able to retire and spend more doing things I like. This means that discretionary spendings, such as artsy stuff, were the first casualties. Hmmm ....this plan lasted a whole two weeks!!! In the end I succumbed to the temptation to learn more about face painting. I am not sure why I am so obsessed with portraits but here I am. I've been checking Misty's blog regularly for a while and I like her art. So in the end I figured life is short, nice things are few and far between ...and I signed up.

The first week was about pencil drawing. I did  few sketches on found papers - reclaimed postcard envelopes. It worked well, except the blending is not as smooth as it should be. I did not get a chance to make my own tortillons; blending with tortillon instead of blending stick helps achieve a smooth finish. So I am told. I will try of these days.

First week's production:
This is an older sketch that I reworked, I corrected the nose and the mouth and added more shading.
I used this sketch in week 2 to paint over it with acrylics.

Profiles are definetely the most difficult. I went back and corrected this one, I made the eye a teeny bit bigger and corrected the upper lip under the nose so she does not look so strange anymore. I definetely need to do more profiles. And I used to think that 3/4 faces are difficult ...