Monday, February 15, 2010

The state of English language

No, this is not about the deplorable state of language in general, I am afraid that would not be fun. Not for me in any case. Fun are the articles that appear in The Gazette about the quirky things that happen to English language in Montreal.

Here, we close off the lights and rent books from the library. We also have autoroute instead of highway and depanneur instead of convenience store. I live in a four-and-a-half and not a two bedroom condo. No idea where this is coming from and in case you wonder, the half is the bathroom... I think. Kids go to the garderie. People have chalets and not cottages. I wear running shoes and not sneakers or runners.

We like our pizza all-dressed. Some of us at least. This one was news to me a couple of years back. I do not usually ordere all-dressed pizza anyway. I make my own. I lived in Italy, and they do not have all-dressed pizzas. At least, they did not have them then, maybe they do now. They are not fond of the "kitchen sink" approach to topping their pizzas and stick to one or two main toppings besides tomato sauce and cheese. But I digress... Turns out that in other parts of Canada, people order pizza with the works. South of the border, it is pizza with everything on it.

Years back, I worked for few months in Nova Scotia. My team mates were from Toronto. They kept talking about pop, especially at lunch time. Turns out, our fellow Canadians drink pop while we drink soft drinks. South of the border, they drink soda. Funny things indeed ...don't you think?