Saturday, April 10, 2010

Anyone can run 20 miles. It's the next six that count.

So said Barry Magee. You have no idea how to true that is... And on the road to the next six there are a number of very long training runs, such as the one I was supposed to do today - 32 km.

I woke up late and did not have time to check the weather. This is probably the worst mistake one can make over here. So here I am in the wee hours of the day ready to start my run ...wearing only a long sleeve tech tshirt and no jacket at 2C with a strong, chilling wind.... Luckily, two of my running buddies had mercy of my soul and lended me another tshirt and a sweatshirt. I could have easily end up with hypothermia, instead I only lost my voice. As I write this, I sip my "medicine" - milk blended with jalapeno pepper. It boosts the immune system and has lots of vit C.

I finished my 32 km, then went for breakfast. Two of my running buddies celebrated their breakfast today and we all gathered for post-run breakfast and schmoozing. One of the Bday boys is an electrician and a mountain biker, he won a national competition last year. Not sure which one, I am not too familiar with mountain biking. He works 6 to 2, then he trains. Lucky him. He knew what to do in life to have maximum control over how he wants to live his life. Kudos to him. I wish I could say the same about me. All I know is htat if I could start over, I would not study engineering even if they payed me. But that's another sad story ...

Here I am enjoying my breakfast when somebody points out that I did not run 32 km, but only 30. Darn ... All of a sudden, I am not feeling that great anymore, the last six miles start haunting me. But I have six more weeks to go before the race.