Sunday, June 6, 2010

I am back

... after being missing in action for the last few weeks. But I had reason!

I run a marathon last Sunday - my second one. The week before the race, I was busy praying the God of runners. I suspect the other 4499 registered runners did the same because the weather was perfect for racing. We broke the heat record few days before the marathon; it was hot, humid and deadly for running ... at least for me. But the race day was perfect, cool, cloudy, breezy. I finished in the  whooping time of 4:35:35, about 15 min faster than my previous marathon.

This week, it was recovery time, nursing a mini leg injury and finding any excuse possible to not run anymore ...But that's ok, soon I will start the training for the fall marathon in Hartford, Connecticut.

Now, I will try to catch up on posting my latest creations.