Thursday, August 19, 2010

Camus and Mary Oliver

What do they have in common?Nothing really ... other than the fact that they ended up on the same spread in my journal.

It took a long time for this spread to come along. The left page had the little face stamped already, so I only colored the hair. Cleaning my art supplies, I found the postcard with the cowgirl and later I added the icon image in the middle. On the right page, I glued the small image at the botton (it is a small collage I did long time ago in a mini moleskine), then I added bits of grey papers and applied some red paint. I then spray painted through a stencil and wrote "Long life" by Mary Oliver with a dip pen and india ink. The pages still felt unfinished, so I added some doodling. I wrote some quotes by Camus on the left page and voila ...