Monday, September 13, 2010

Crusade nr 44 - In a scrape

This one was fun, fun, fun...and as usual, some pages turned out better than others.
Step 1 - scraped paint on found papers, first incarnation:

Step 2 - scraped paint on a journal page.
The page was wavy and the paint created some interesting effects. All of a sudden, I "saw" a crowd. This is what it became of this page:
Then, the bubbles. You know which ones, when Michelle says to spray water and then scrape. I first tried it in the journal on pages made of sewn newspaper pages. The water softened the pages too much and the scraping did not produce the expected result.
 So I tried again, this time on a piece of cardboard left over from a chocolate box. Better!

Next step in the scraping odyssey - stencils and masks. This were things took a sudden turn for the worse.
 The first attempts produced lame results, all the paint ended up pushed under the stencil so the design got lost. Maybe I should have cut multiple masks and glue them to the page. Anyway, I reused the pages for more stenciling and masking. These are the stencils and masks I used. Top left - that is a thicker stencil made for  high-viscosity paints, it is ment to create a 3D effect. I create 3D effect with regular staencils too, but I thought this one might be more resistant and might work better with spray paints. I have not tested it yet though. I cut the head (ha!) from leftover cardboard and the pink thing is a party crown bought from the dollar store. I also used number stickers as masks.

These produced the following:

And the final version of some of the above - drum roll, drum roll, drum roll they are: