Sunday, April 24, 2011

New home

I have been busy looking for a new home closer to the city. I moved to the 'burbs 12 years ago only to realize that they are great places for families, not for me. I want to have easier access to services and activities without having to drive. Gas prices are taking all the fun out of driving anyway, not to mention traffic jams, crazy drivers and the famous potholes... The house I found is smaller, but it is close to a big park, bike path, metro, busses, and only 7 km from the Old Port. I can wak all the way there in the summer, have an ice cream and come back.

Now I have to sell my condo, which means I have to clean all the time and keep the artsy mess to the bare minimum. Not that I have that much time left to make stuff... Some of the found objects I collected for my journals ended up in the garbage when I cleaned up after the renovations. Older (and very ugly) journals had the same fate. This purging process will continue until I move and not only because I will have less space to store stuff, but also because I have to accept that I do not have the time to keep up with all the projects I'd like to do. For the next little while, I will concentrate on abstact painting least that's the plan.