Sunday, September 25, 2011

Yeterday's news

I signed up for a subscription to The Gazette. I will confess that the main reason I did it is because they offered a gift card for gas. I will eventually cancel the subscription. The quality isn't there anymore. Better read La Presse or Globe and Mail. To put the newspaper to some use, I started drawing from it.
 Top left - two shelves in my book case. Bottom left - a skateboarder. It turns out the cycling path in Montreal are victims of their own success - accidents waiting to happen. There are bikers doing speed training, skooters, roller-bladers, walkers, runners, kids, dogs...
Top right - I tried to draw three of the twelve crumbling bridges in Montreal. I am sure there are more that that, the list did not even include the behemot - Champlain Bridge.