Thursday, February 16, 2012

Weekend gateway

I spend the weekend with some of my fellow runners in the Laurentians, at the Fiddler Lake Resort. All went well, the weather was nice, the chalets were gorgeous, we had plenty of food, booze, games and the like. I was not prepared however to spend four hours on the road. The distance door to door is about 100km. Truth be told, I have not been to the Laurentians in the last seven years and in the meantime, condos have been build on every inch of land available. The highway is practically a parking lot between here and there. It is a good  thing I did not sign up for ski classes; no way I would waste my precious weekend stuck in traffic. Even in Cuba we drove faster!

I found some time to sketch a fruit bowl:
I did not have any colors, only pencil. This is the most "anatomically correct" bowl I ever drew!