Monday, September 30, 2013

Blind contour drawings

I found Nikolaide's book The natural way to draw - I bought the book a while back and it is now sitting on my shelf with a stack of other art books... I also found an exercise in Carla Sonheim's Drawing Lab about blind contour drawings in public places. So, armed with sketchbook and pencil, I went to Second Cup and gave it a try.
I found it hard to draw people blindly because I keep looking continuously at the people and at some point they realize that something is happening. Nikolaides says that each blind contour should take half an hour and that was definitely not the case at the coffee shop as my models left. 

 Car parked in front of the house drawn from the balcony.
Sunday is football day...
I am going to practice some more and try to take 3o min per blind contour to see the difference.