Thursday, February 5, 2015

Out and about

Sunday was a sunny day. This time of the year, if it is sunny, it must be very cold. This was no exception as the thermometer indicated some -35C or thereabout.

I could not bear to stay inside anyway, so I went gallivanting in town. My  chosen itinerary had strategically placed stops to warm up.

The first stop was at La ruche for brunch. I was there a bit early which was just as good. It was quiet, so I could enjoy my coffee, newspaper and tartine a l'avocat before the lunch crowd came in. Original take for breakfast food in my humble opinion.

I then walked to the MMFA and spent an hour or so sketching two sculptures.

I must say I was surprised that they came out so well. I mean, there are no weird angles or out of whack proportions ....Of course there are no roses on the Bacchante with roses, but I don;t mind. I will never draw all the details of anything - it is just not mt type. 

I then stopped at the Westmount Conservatory in an attempt to draw some plants. I was in somewhat of a hurry as in was getting late. My plant sketch however,  I like not.

But all in all, I am glad I braved the cold and went out and I am ok also with the "production" of the day.