Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fat book pages

I sent in the pages for the techniques fat book.
I started early to avoid the last minute rush and guess who hurried the other day to finish the last pages! I did a mix of collage and transparencies with caulking and carboard; a few were done on fabric - with caulking and found objects. There are also 2 fabric collage pages. I do not have a sewing machine so I sew them by hand. I don't have a lot of glitter, sequins and the like either.

It was an interesting experience as I never work so small. I cannot even write in small notebooks. I feel too boxed in, constraint in a small space. Here are the pages:

Last weekend I went to visit a stable where I am going to start riding lessons. Cameron Stables - they have an open house on Oct 25. I will try to make it. I also visited another alpaca farm, close to the border with US - Hemmingford Alpacas. I learned a lot about breeding alpacas - they are such lovely animals! I bought some wool and I am knitting a scarf.

we had nice weather last week and during one of my runs, I took these pictures in the park. Good thing I did as now it is dark, ugly and rainy.