Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Drawing lab exercises

I started working my way through the exercises from Carla Sonheim's Drawing lab.
This spread has four exercises:
The face at the top left started as a doodle on regular lined paper.

The drawing at the bottom left started with watercolor patches of color.

Right page top - can you tell? It's a monkey face.. but it looks more like a lion face.

The bottom right is a flower drew a la Liesel. The colors are deeper and I like that. I was pleased with the result, but the doodling part is not really my "thing". I have to find my "doodle vocabulary". I am not a swirlie-type person, more like a graffitti-geometrical type ... and I did not have light colored pens to write on top. I have lots of pens and they refuse to work, even the ones that do work for other people. I went out and bought few Sharpies extra fine they are great, but they do not come in too many colors. Besides this, it was a lot of fun!