Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Russian countess and the sailor

Once upon a time, there was an empty journal page. Careless handling of a paint tube resulted in a blob of titan buff in the middle of the left page. The blob was too lonely, and soon it was accompanied by another blob of green craft paint. Yellow and orange joined the dance; few pieces of napkins added to the drama. Here is the result:
What do you see?

I see a woman on  the left page. She wears a big Russian fur hat. On the right page, I see a sailor smoking cigar and two ghostly spirits. I outlined the shapes in pencil; hard to see a difference here.

What is their story I wonder ...

The green was too flat and lifeless, so I glued magazine papers over the hat. The bird was a photocopy, mostly black, and I painted it with interference colors. I applied a bit of hansa yellow over the face.

I colored the sailor with a mix on pan pastels and colored pencils. I wanted the ghostly spirits to be more in the background, so I  applied a layer of mat gel and pan pastels. I stenciled a bird cage over the girl's face.
I should have taken more pictures in the process, but it was late and I forgot.

I was not sure what to do with the background, so I ended up doodling with white sharpie and adding more acrylic washes. I think there is something missing, but I am not sure what. The colors are a bit different in reality, but I cannot figure out how to take better picture. It is so frustrating, especially when I see other people's pictures.Now I have to write their story ...What do you think it is their story?