Thursday, November 25, 2010

Who are they?

This is the first spread in the guerilla journal. I started by stapling a piece of mat board on the inside left cover to make it sturdier. Then I applied some paint. As I was about to glue down images, I started having "visions"...resulting in this:
The only thing I do not like when creatures pop up like this is that there are too many of them ...people who work this way usually have a focal image. I end up with a crowd and I can't figure out what their story is and how to streamline the resulting composition. If this makes any sense at all?! In this spread there are kids, old people,a wasp or bee of some kind, a rabbit, birds, an orchestra director (right page in the middle on top of the birds), a birds that reminds me "The invisible man" (the green spot of color in the middle of the right page).
But once I start seeing them, I cannot ignore them anymore .. sigh ...