Monday, March 31, 2014

Brazil, here I come

I signed up for the Urban Sketchers Symposium. At 12PM my time, I was ready, credit card in hand, list of workshops, main choices, secondary choices just in case. I even changed one workshop at the last minute. 5 minutes later it was done deal.

Chosen workshops:

The joy of movement because I liked the spontaneity of his method, very similar to how I worked in acrylic. I like the idea of mixing colors on paper and manipulating shapes into recognizable forms.

Sketching fundamentals because I need to organize the chaos. I don't have a method of organizing sketches, selecting and framing the subject, not getting lost in details or paralyzed by them.

Never fear the people  this one is self-explanatory. Suffice to see this attempt to add people to the sketch...

Feeling the edges was the last minute change. I originally selected Frank Ching's workshop because I definitely need a better approach to drawing architecture. Frank's workshop seemed a bit more academic. Liz has a more intuitive approach and I decided to take her workshop instead.

I was also very interested in the wide angle perspective workshop. I will save that for some other time ...

Hopefully I will make it to Paratay ... not like last year when I ended up cancelling my registration for Barcelona ...