Wednesday, April 2, 2014


I discovered that there is a Dr Sketchy in Montreal! Lynne mentions it on her blog, but I figure it must be a British thing. It is not. It happens all over the place. As a warm-up for the next session on Saturday, I drew from some pics on the site.

One thing is for sure - I never drew such nice legs!

I showed the sketchbook to Max for feedback and pointed out an interesting thing. I drew the first pose using the pocket brush, but I did not like the results. I drew again on top of the first drawing. I hated it. Moved on. But Max said that the "piled up" drawing looked as if she was moving - like in an old style animation. Also, the lines were more fluid. When going towards a more realistic approach, every mistake stands out. It sure does ... I think a reason why I don't like most of my drawings is that I do not know how to take them to the next stage or how to look at them from a different prospective. What is good a bout them? Can they suggest something else? What would somebody who does not know the story think when looking at it? I will have to remember to Max-ify all my drawings, especially the ones I don't like.

I used col-erase pencils, watercolor pencils and water-soluble ink