Wednesday, May 28, 2008

InspireMeThursday - Whimsy

Here it is! A whimsical - drumroll please! - sardine can!

I wanted to finish a collage for this prompt. But staring at the empty sardine box, I remembered Michael deMeng makes some fabulous mini shrines in these cans. So I decided to give it a try. I used ephemera related to the pilgrimage I did last year to Santiago de Compostela in Spain.

On the outside, I collaged scraps of paper. On the bottom of the can, I glued a pair of pilgrim boots. The actual bronze sculpture is found in Fisterra, at the ocean. In the old days, Fisterra was the place where the pilgrims burned their old clothes and wash in the ocean before heading back home. I forgot to give back the key when I left, so there it is. Silence is a faithful companion to a pilgrim. And on the small luggage tag there are some stars (compostela meaning "field of stars. The Way to Compostela follows the Milky Way from East to West).
I also glued a clock face - not sure why. It seemd to belong there. The woman's face on the lid is partially a sailboat. By mistake, I glued the sailboat upside down and in doing so, it completed the woman's face. And then I had to glue one of my embossed washers!! I seem to be in the "washer phase" - they pop up everywhere.