Friday, October 8, 2010

Norway. Today

I don't remember if I already said this, but I am on a mission to rediscover my theatre buff self.
Last week, I saw Norway. Today. It is about two young people that meet on the net and agree to a suicide pact. They go to Norway to kill themselves by jumping into the sea from the height of a fjord. After the play, there was a conference with the actors, the director and a sociologist from Université de Montréal. We discussed how the so-called social media changes relationships. ("so-called" is my own take on the topic. I do not see anything social in this. Social means being with other people, looking them in the eyes when talkign to them. Spending days in front of a screen is anything but social. But I digress...). I was glad to see that others think the same way I do, at least I know I am not loosing my marbles. I was glad to have seen the play and I am looking forward to other discoveries.