Thursday, October 7, 2010


At least once a week I cannot sleep through the night. I suppose this is one of those aging-related symptoms that nobody bothers to talk about, since forty is the new thirty, right? I eat healthy, I exercise, I cut the caffeine - nada. I spent quite a few nights this summer twisting and turning and I know that does not help. So when I woke up again at 3AM and could not sleep, I decided I needed another plan. I figures I will paint for a little while, get tired and go back to sleep.

I started working on this - canvass paper 6x6:

I still wasn't sleepy and by now, it was about 4:30AM. Hmmmm .... I decided to make fused paper using some scraps found on my desk. I used an old book page and I glued scraps of papers on both sides of the paper, sandwiching the book page.
Still no luck on the sleeping front, so I started doodling on photocopies of my journal pages and watched an episode of NCIS LA.