Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Weekend frenzy

I spent part of last weekend doing major cleanup: cleaned closets, brought a big bag of stuff to the Salvation Army, washed and scrubbed and dusted. I also changed the paper that cover my painting table. I was not about to through it away, of course. So, I spent few good hours on Saturday making papers. I like this because I just go with the flow.
This is how it all started:
 To protect the floor, I surrounded the papers with other papers to catch the paint drips. But then I decided that since I am already making a mess, I might as well finish all the papers. Which is what I did.
Now I have a ton of paper. Moratorium on buying papers from now on though. Oh, and I did not protect the floors at all because the spray paint steeped through the papers and more scrubbing followed.

These are the papers:

It was hard to take a pic because they are so big, but I hope it gives an idea. They have a graffitti look to them that I like. Now I must find ways to use it this paper ...