Sunday, October 10, 2010


I have been playing around with the blog for a while. I wanted to customize the background image, but nothing fitted the purpose. They are too bog, too small, too busy, too whatever. Then I made another collage, trying to keep it low (using a muted palette), but it still came out too busy to tile for the background.
I started gluing papers down, then I applied gesso, black paint, a variation of beige craft paints, then I lifted some paint with alcohol.

I do not want a busy background. For now, white will do. I like classy things and white might just be it. I am also crawling my way through GIMP tutorial. This is what I use to crop the images - GIMP and Irfanview. Both free ...
Oh and why recuerdo - this is what is written on the paper under the bouquet of roses. Recuerdo - memory