Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mistake revisited

I tried again the hot fusion project. I used as a base a linen napkin I bought at the flea market.
I glued various papers using matte medium (pieces of a map, napkins from the coffee shop, a dyed feather, fibers from a scarf, tisseu paper, skeleton leaves, fabric leftover). As a focal point, I had a geisha cut from a flyer from the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco. Except that I worled the background too much and the image did not stand out anymore. It is always good to know when to stop. I colored with shiva paintsticks and watercolors. I created some texture by applying gel medium through a stencil (I did not want to use molding paste because I wanted to still see the background). Anyway, I lost the focal point. So I made another one - a page from an old book and a vintage image from the flea market. I added some thread and few beads (this would have been nice to do with the sawing machine but I do not have one). Then I fused the collage on a piece of canvass using iron-on fusible. This is the result: