Monday, July 7, 2008


Frustrated as I am with the difficulties of taking decent pics of my art, I decided to get Lost. I rented all 3 seasons and went on a binge. I spent a long weekend popping dvds in the player and teaching myself the rudiments of bookbinding from 3 lovely books I found at the library:

Making books
Making and keeping creative journals
Cover to cover

Next step is to make a journal for my upcoming vacation in Arizona and a photo album to give as a gift.

Between work, training runs in 35C heat, various small projects (carving some stamps, background painting for journal pages, sketches of faces and objects etc.), I read 2 memoirs. I am not a big bio reader, but I enjoyed these books. Different styles of writing, equally inspiring.

Broken music is Sting's memoir. I wasn't expecting it to be so well written and captivating.
It's not about the bike is Lance's memoir. I use his story now to give me an extra push when I do not feel like running another 10,20km or not even 2. And speaking about running, I think it was a mistake to start my running "career" with training for a marathon. Now I cannot imagine running only 30 min. That is barely the warm up. Long runs are 1.5 hrs only in the Winter, now they will slowly increase to 3-4 hrs.

I have to go now - tempo training starting soon.
And I have 2 other books to finish:
Dark Nights of the Soul
How to think like Leonardo da Vinci


(this is the nickname Sawyer gave me via the nickname generator on the Lost website. I think I might adopt as a pseudonym for my blog!)