Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Collage Purse

I am behind with the updates to the blog. School started last week. I am taking French translation 1. I waited so long to register that I almost did not make it. All the other courses were full, so I have to settle for only one course this semester. I also signed up for the chunky technique book for ArtUnraveled. Each participant will make a number of pages with techniques learned in Phoenix. Maximum 45 pages. I have never done anything like this and since the pages are small (4” x 4”), I decided to try.

But back to the updates from Arizona ...
I took the Collage Purse workshop with Kathy Cano-Murillo. In retrospect, it was a bit stressful because I did not have a sewing machine, not to mention I did not sew in many years. I was never very good at this anyway. Always struggling with straight lines. But it turned out that there is no need for straight lines!!
I also wanted to make sure I finish in class – and this was true for all the workshops. Always rushing to make sure I am done. I did not even take lunch breaks! Kathy had a lot of wonderful fabric to choose from. Really hard to make up my mind. Then, I had to decide how to place the designs – and since I cannot stand anything symmetrical, I placed them in an “organizes disorder”. Here is the final product:

Here are other samples from the class: