Sunday, September 14, 2008

Figurative fabric

This was a two-day class taught by DJ Pettitt. What a challenge this was! First, due to my inability to paint faces. I have tried in the past, with disastrous results. This time, I was well prepared. I even made my own sketches! It was to paint, the heat dried the paint almost as soon as they came out of the tube. The first day, all I seemed to be able to mix was an awful shade of grey for the darker areas of the face. And no matter what I did, the painting just did not have the shinny finish that I was looking for. Only later in the process I learned that the finishe painting has to be ironed to flatten the paint and achieve the smooth appearance I wanted. I enjoyed the class, it was very well taught and we had guidance all along. I painted the second painitng all by myself (the blu-eyes one)! Very proud! I hope I will remember what to do when I will find the time to sit down and paint another one!

The inspiration for my sketches came for an unlikely place. I was watching season 2 of Lost and, as usual, I had my sketch book handy, waiting for the muse. I don't remember the episode, but there was a nice close up of Mr. Eko which seemed like a good idea to use as practice. I wanted to draw him - Mr. Eko! Instead, I drew her - Mrs. Eko! She is the one with brown eyes. Go figure ....certainly, the mind has a funny way of putting things together!