Monday, November 17, 2008


Keeping up with the updates seems to be more challenging than I thought. My many activities require juggling abilities and inevitably some things fall through the cracks. Blogging is one. Housework is another one.

I have been busy with midterm exams. I started taking riding classes and last Saturday I drove to Ottawa for a storytelling workshop held by Ottawa Storytellers.
Nov 7-9 I was out of town on a retreat. I still try to run outside, the weather has been unusually warm so far. I did not have a lot of time left for art. I ordered a while ago 3 booklets with workshop exercises from Juliana Coles. I am slowly working my way through one of them. I made a journal out of brown grocery bags and newspaper pages - 3 signatures sawn on a cardboard spine.
I will be posting it when I finish the exercises.