Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lost marbles - reward to whoever finds and returns them!

This is it - it is official! I lost all my marbels. Swept in the pre-"Julia and Julie" french cooking frenzy, I bought today "The silver spoon"! 2000 recipes - no less! Everything one wanted to know about italian cooking. 'nough recipes for 3 lifetimes, I suppose. No, I will not engage in any challanges of the "cooking-all-recipes-in-five-year" kind. There are 4 times as many recipes as in the "Mastering the art of french cooking"!

I am an endurance runner, constantly checking the scale to make sure my half and/or full marathon training schedule is not impacted by the last ice cream craving or pizza feast. In fact, I have home made pizza dough frozen since spring, all because it has too many carbs! That, in spite of the 50-60 km I run every week. And I am buying what?! The mother of all pasta recipes....I am telling you - my marbles are lost!

But I cannot wait to start cooking ....