Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Crusade nr 43 - Text messaging take 2

Few of the spreads in my journal are made of newspaper pages machine sewn and gessoed. I thought they will be appropriate for the theme of the crusade, even though most of the text was obstructed by the layers of gesso...

The spread turns out to be similar to the fist one - the same sort of grid layout. I also applied some oil pastels to create a resist - the resist did not work too well. I then applied text from different books - a bible, older novels, scrapbook papers. Applied also some colored pencils, markers, stamps and what not ....I also "found" some poetry on the right page. Voila the result:
 Lost messages
complete puzzle
"i'm afraid" 
there is no will 
is dead
afraid it's pretty plain
trying to gain
the place will have to be sold
There will be no way out!
What a mess!