Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Something funny happened on the way to school - twice!
I usually stop for espresso on the way to class. Last week, I noticed a book sitting pretty next to the sugar containers. The post-it on the cover said, "Free book looking for a new home." I was not about to abandon the orphan! The book had a sticker with the bookcrossing identification number on the first page.

Now, this was not a new concept for me. I heard about the it a while back, but I never released or caught a book until last week. This is an anonymous book swap. People register here. Then they leave the books in public places for others to find and enjoy.

The book I caught was Reginald Hill's "Death comes for the fat man". It is not somethign i would have normally chosen for myself and this makes it even more interesting.

Wait ... there is more!

Yesterday, I was passing by the same spot on my way to class when I noticed a gentleman fixing his coffee and peaking on the side to somehting that looked like ... a book! He did not picked it up. I of course did. Both books have been released by the same person. This time I caught John Saul's "The presence".