Monday, November 2, 2009

Carbon paper and pen nibs

Today, I found carbon paper! Not an easy task it seems as most people confuse it with tracing paper. I find it handy when I want to transfer a design for carving or cutting up. So of I course I had to test it and I cut stencils from cardboard and craft foam. I decided to do a test run with the spray paint - in the laundry room of all places. No ventilation in that room, but I figured what harm can that be, right? I only had 3 stencils. Wrong! That stuff is toxic XXXL. I have a mask, but I suspect I will need one of those contraptions that look like they are coming straight from the WWII and keep the fumes at bay. The stencils worked quite good - the birds will be soon glued in the journal.

I also managed to pull out from a stack or writing paraphernalia a pen and its nib!
These writing implements date from oh, maybe 8-10 years ago when I wanted to learn calligraphy. I did, just not enough. But now I started to use the pen to write in the journal or whenever I do writing exercises and such. And I love it! Now of course I will need some of those acrylic inks in gorgeous colors! But I am putting my foot down in the expense department!

Oh, and I finally found the Sharpie poster paint markers! Water based and oil based. I sould get a few as I ended up with a bunch of various markers and 3/4 of them don't work. I will not .. yet (see above). If I do, I will stick to white, black and red. Maybe one grey ... later.

Now, I'd better go make something ...