Saturday, November 7, 2009

Have spray, will paint

I gave in and conveniently forgot that I promised not to spend any more money on art supplies until the drawers of stuff loose some of their content. This time, I bought spray paint and made a mess on the living room floor.

The good:
The colors are sharp and the result has a graffitti look to it that I like. I sprayed on some old background papers as well as on some of the faces I made, some of the ones that looked kind of unfinished. Maybe I will finish them at some point.
The bad:
Nothing really. Reading the instructions always helps, especially when it comes to the distance between the spray can and the paper. When the paint is sprayed at close distance, it tends to puddle on the paper. Using repositional adhesive helps. I sprayed it on the paper, then I layered stencils and colors. The adhesive has a drying window of about one hour, making layering easier.
The ugly:
This is not an activity to entertain indoors in the winter at -30C. Ventilation is essential as the paints are toxic. Wearing a mask is a must. And gloves! The paint does not come off easily.

Here are the results: