Tuesday, November 3, 2009

It is good to have ...

... an office assistant to keep thinks on track in my work/art studio. This morning, he woke me up on time as as he displayed his football skills. Pardon, soccer skills. He was too busy chasing a pompom under the bathroom vanity to pay attention to walls and doors. His might could not be stopped by these nuisances ..until ...goooooooaaaaaaaalllllll! Needless to say, the raucous noise woke me up. Did I tell you his name is Napoleon? Now you understand why he can't be bother with any kind of geographical limitations.

Here are some new journal spreads.
I did not planned to have the Pierrot face here, but one stroke at the time, he emerged. Or she ?!

For the background here, I used craft paint in reds and oranges. Mixed on the page and scraped around. Then I looked for a face and whatever other creatures cared to emerge. On the right side, I wanted to play with the stencil, but then again one thing led to another and I have a half-face showing up.