Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sketchbook project - part 2

Here are other pages from the sketchbook:

These are headlines from the Saturday paper. Maybe I should use this idea more often as a background. Intersting that in the same newspaper we have corporate profits soaring, Wallmart winning over the union, garlic prices and on the other hand, food banks are running out of supplies as more people need are in need these days. And the article about "grey new world" had to do with retirement and "60 is the new 40" sort of thing ... ha!

The poor elephant has been banned from the village. Instead of facing the issue, brush it under the carpet.

The page to the right is a background I had. I "saw" the faces so I turned it into an elephant page. Children are never afraid to name the elephant in the room, at least until adults teach them to. Hence, they are friends.  On the left page, I applied color randomly, but then she poppes up. She reminds me of Wilma Flinstone.

Another older image that has been tied to the theme. The elephant is homeless, nobody wants to acknowledge it, so the animals try to help him find a new home.