Friday, January 22, 2010


It is official. I am organizationally challenged. Piles of paper, piles of books, piles of whatever all over the place. I paint and draw on my kneees or on the floor because the table is full. I have books in the laundry room too. The funny thing is my possessions are tine compared to the average household. I don't even have a toaster! Oh wait! It is getting worse. Ocassionally, I  decide that I had enough of the mess and spend the weekend putting everything in place. My home could be photographed for "House and Home" magazine. And then something funny happens. I have this spic-ans-span place where I cannot find anything anymore! So I go around and mess things. Just a little bit.

I keep stumbling on articles or blog posts about downsizing. That made me think that maybe it is time for another round of de-cluttering. Call it spring cleanup! It is sunny and -7C outside, not exactly spring of course, but no matter. This afternoon/weekend I will go hunting for some boxes, at least two. One will be for clothes and knick-knacks and one for books. I already know some of the things that will find a temporary home in these boxes. A jacket I bought 13 years ago and I have not worn in 12 years. A dress I have nor worn in about 7 years. Books  ... the hardest things to discard are always books. Some of them I bought for sentimental reasons because they remind me of childhood, they were written by my favorite authors or whatever. But I knew even then that I will not have time to read them....Time to let them go ...