Friday, January 29, 2010

I shake my head in disbelief again .... I am greeted this morning by a "pleasant" temperature of -29C, winds 35Km/h  and wind gusts 46km/h! Ahhhhhhh. That's almost 40 degrees variation in temperature in one week. Insane .... Gee, I feel relieved that so many people, politicians (including our own Prime Minister) think that climate change is bogus. It is good thing I can "trust" them to take care of everything for me! Funny, wouldn't you say?!

One of the things I hate on days like this is putting gas in the car. It seems that the pump does it on purpose to work slower than in the summer and by the time I am done, the bones in my hands hurt as if somebody cut them to pieces. This is more torture than I am willing to endure for the sake of running, so I will stay put today. If I could skip running errands, it would be lovely. But I cannot. If I could stop working it would be like paradise. That too is impossible of course. So until this will be possible, I have to gather all the courage I have left (that does not amount to much these days) and get going ...I hope the car will start.