Sunday, March 28, 2010

Crusade nr 38 - Grab a tissue

Things got out of hand around here and I am behind with everything, not only the postings to the blog. At least, I will make the deadline for the crusade.

I had more trouble with this than I thought. Painting the tissue paper was fun, but finishing the journal spread was a whole different story. Here is the painted paper:
I used spray paint, stencils, stamps, craft paints on pattern paper, phone book pages, white and colored  tissue paper.

The first spread made using these papers:
I used a piece of rusted metal, craft wire, beads, rusted beer caps and hardware pieces, transparencies, a piece of broken mirror glued under Monalisa. I used the tissue paper for the hair and the clothes of the human figure, and for the heart border on the right page. It's got a somewhat creepy feel to it, but I did not plan it. I never do - whatever happens, happens ...

I also made another spread because I liked the black and white silhouettes I spraypainted and I did not want to cut the paper. So here it is:
 The words read: "Every day is a show" and "Love at first sight, desire, temptation, scandal and curlers". I posted smaller pictures; if I enlarge them, they get truncated. Another "to do" on the already long list of stuff I have to do ...someday.