Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Crusade nr 39 - pulling prints

Prints...Easy...I do it often. I printed from aluminium foil, wax paper, wax paper, ceramic tiles and so on. No big deal. Really! So I gathered first my supplies:
printing plates


 and papers.

 I decided to use a vast assortment of found papers, card stock, scrapbook papers, old book pages, painted pages and so on.

The printing plate of choice ended up being the ceramic tile, aka my palette. Soon in the process I had to acknowledge that things were not working out as expected and the results are proof of that.

 Out of this pile, I could salvage a few:

Seeing these less that stellar result, what's a crusader to do? Accept the losses? No way...
I decided to pursue the second crusade and try to rescue some of these prints by any means possible.
In some cases, I channeled Picasso et comp:

 Other pages became background for doodles and journal pages:

Some of the better second generation prints:
In retrospect, I should have probably stick to one type of paper. There were too many variables in the process, sometimes the color used for printing ended up being too light for the page I was printing on and the design was not visible. I also had trouble with the paint - it dried extremely fast. I tried spraying alcohol and pulling a second print - sometimes it worked well. I should have taken more pictures like this - the printing plate. It could be used as a background - either printed or digital.
The winners in this process I think are these:
I sprayed  them with alcohol and wiped some of the color off. I like the aged, graffiti kind of look.

All in all, it was a fun crusade, but I came somewhat short of what I was hoping to achieve.