Sunday, May 9, 2010

Of hypothermia in May

Saturdays are sacred - runningwise I mean. Long run day. Yesterday's plan was 20 km, which to be honest felt like a walk in the park after last week's 35 km. So I happily showed up - usual time and place. It was clouded,  cool and windy. I wore a jacket. Half an hour into the run, it started raining. Cats and dogs. The wind picked up too. After a while, the jacket was soaking wet, I could not feel my legs and my hands were frozen. I don't remember ever been so cold since I started running. I kept thinking how ridiculous it is to suffer of hypothermia in May. I suppose that no good things go unpunished, right? We had great weather in April, it was time to pay the price. But I should have known better and check the weather forecast. Usually, the weather in Ottawa at the end of May it hot. I am sure I can use the memory of yesterday's run to mitigate the effects of the heat at around .. say km 35 with 7 more to go. After all, a marathon is a mind game, is it not?

As for art making this weekend, nothing to show I am afraid. I signed up few days ago for Carla Sonheim's online class. I downloaded the files; the exercises are fun. Some of them could be used as a starting point for abstract compositions. Need to explore more ... when I am not sure ... some day...