Sunday, July 18, 2010

Crusade nr 42 - Strip Ease Take 3

Addiction, your name is stripes! Or so it seems these days ...Here is another stripe-inspired spread.
The pages were prepped with dry brushed paint. The journal was open on the table and as I peeked at the pages from across the table, I "saw" them. The two women faces on the right page. I then transferred two images at the top of the right page. I then added the dancer and the paint chip stripes at the bottom of the page. I did not know what to do with the remaining of the page. From the layout of the images a solution imposed itself: stripes, of course. Doodled stripes.
The yellow square on the left page is a yupo skin (I took a piece of yupo, painted and printed on it, applied gloss medium, let it dry and then peeled off the skin). At the bottom right there is a half-man face that emerged like the other ones. I should have probably used one colour only for doodles; black would be the obvious choice. Using one pattern per stripe would have made the pages clearer. I am OK with the result, except that it is a bit too busy. Thanks for visiting!