Monday, August 9, 2010

Inspiration is everywhere...

... including in sidewalk cracks, such as these:
 I decided to use the bottom image for an abstract composition. That was the plan ... what came out of it however is a different story:

I started with a piece of cardboard; I scraped some paint, then I transferred the lines from the sidewalk image...and I had "visions".Couldn't help it! I am not sure it is finished, I might add some words.

From the other images, I came up with these:
These are on cardstock. The bottom right one is a surfing dolphin; the top left one is a mutant lobster - with only two legs. And the yellow one is a Miro wannabe. I think I will call it "The phantom director". I have a book about Miro's art and I am trying to channel him in my doodles. This exercise was from the Drawing Lab.

I am not sure what I will "make" with all these drawings, but I am having way too much fun to stop ...