Monday, August 2, 2010

We want Miles

This past weekend, I realized the summer is almost over and I had yet to go on a trip downtown. Since my long run Saturday was actually short (only 20 km), I decided that this was an opportunity not to be missed. I spent the afternoon at the Museum of Fine Arts in company of Miles Davis - We want Miles can be seen until the end of the month. I enjoyed the exhibition - the music, the paintings (Basquiat, Klarwein, Miles). Of course, I could not resist and I bought three cds. And since any excuse is a good one when it comes to buying art supplies, I bought a Derwent journal to document the trip to the museum. The paper is good for ink and dry mediums and it is thick enough to allow for some collage. I did few quick drawings at the museum:
Poor Jeanne Moreau though ... I quite disfigured her.This was the part I liked the most - the improvisation Miles did while watching Ascenseur pour l'echafaud. Amazing talent...

I wanted to take advantage of the trip and also try a life drawing session at Galerie Synestesie. Guess what ... I could not find the place! I have no idea what happened. I knew the address, I knew the area, I even saw the gallery few months ago walking in the area ... but this time, there was not sign of it. And that area is full of strip joints and such, so I did not feel like hanging around there for too long. And by that time, I was getting tired anyway so I decided to postpone this experience. And judging from the "quality" of my quick sketches, it might just have been a very good idea.