Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Channelling Miró

Doodles in pen, watercolor ink for the background, sharpies and watercolor. I like the result, yet somehow it does not feel entirely "me". But then neither do other things I make. In fact, none of them is entirely "me" since I have not figured out who "me" is when it comes to art. I prefer geometrical doodles, that's as much as i can say about "being me" in this context. As for watercolor inks, I am afraid they will become the next addiction because I just love this yellow pigment, it is so much brighter that the watercolors that come in a pan. I will try using acrylics as watercolors to see if I get similar results.I would not want to spend more money on supplies I might not use. Already done that with pan pastels - and they've been gathering dust for one year already.