Monday, October 25, 2010

Crusade nr. 45 - Back to back

Boy, what a battle this was! And I have wounds and plenty of BandAid to prove it!

I made color photocopies of some of the backgrounds from previous crusades:

I started with a page in a board book I am altering where I pasted some scraps of my papers.

Then I decided to make some ATC. After all, what can be easier, right? They are so small... the results however where terrible.

In the left one, I doodled with colored pencils; in the middle one I collaged the face and "found" the face; I should have left the last one alone, but I decided to draw a one-liner sketch. hohum......

On this piece of matboard, I glued a photocopy and a face from a magazine, then I "found" the rest.

I did not like her, so I applied gesso and washes of paint. Then, I "found" a rabbit-chicken-russian-cossack-dancing-kazachok:

I liked it, but I the background papers are almost completely covered. So, I thought that maybe if I apply washes of gesso instead of straight gesso it will make a difference. Here is the result:

These being done, I proceeded to try the same process on a black and white background:
I wanted to have a simple figure as a focal point; that, believe it or not, is a man. Yeah, I know my drawing skills are ....well ...let's move on.

I wanted to see if I get a different results using scraps of store-bought scrapebook papers. I forgot to take a "before" pic. I "found" a blue cat:
I liked the cat, but not the background, so I changed it. I am not sure I improved it, but the doodles in the background seemed a bit much. 

It just occured to me that I probably misunderstood the crusade - I should have used copied of the same paper in different ways ... ooooouch....

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