Thursday, October 21, 2010

Recycled container

A couple of times of year I go to McDonald, usually after a very long run. Or a marathon. On the way back from Hartford, I stopped for a burger. I won't elaborate on the contradiction here - running to keep healthy only to eat artery-clogging food from McD.

I saved the fries container and decided to try an experiment. I applied gesso and then caulking, then I collaged some of my papers and doodled some.The caulking added some strength to the paper. I could have added a magnetic strip on the back, but I did not have one handy. Here is the result:

As I was taking the picture, I "saw" the face. The green stripe in the middle is the nose, the two little wholes on each side are the eyes. One eye has even eyelashes. I might go back and paint the face too just for the fun of it.