Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Things are slowly getting back to normal. Or so I like to believe. I don't know yet where will be my "studio", so for now all the artsy stuff stays in black bags. I tried to hang some pictures only to have them tumbling down as soon as finished putting the last screw. I did not know that in concrete walls I cannot put screws. Only nails. One damaged picture later, I know.

The cat ventured outside. Finally. He is on a tight leash, he sneaked out of it once already. How he managed, I haven't a clue. Most of the time he does what he is best at: snoring.

I wanted to test the Internet connexion from the rooftop - and it works!This means that once my patio will be finished, I could work outside. Lovely! Now I have to keep an eye on patio furniture sales. I want a patio set that folds, but it is hard to  find these days. Everybody seems to want lounge chairs and other paraphernalia. They are all great, but what am I supposed to do with them in the winter?

And while I wait for the patio, I decided to buy flowers anyway. Gerberas. This is the left handed version:
And the right hand version - can anyone say that there is a real difference between the two?! I say they are equally childish. But I like using my left hand, it is more liberating in a way. Less judgement.